Tattoo Removal Birmingham: Cahaba Dermatology

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now…not so much. Your tattoo may have meant a lot to you when you were younger, but nowadays it’s lost its eye-catching allure. Or the tattoo might have memorialized a whirlwind of emotions that turned into a fleeting feeling. Your tattoo’s virtual permanence may have seemed rather attractive at the time, but now it’s a visible reminder that stays with you wherever you go. And you’re definitely not alone.

Many people decide to opt for tattoo removal because of a sense of regret or a change of heart. In fact, both these reasons top the list as to why people seek tattoo removal. In the past, removing a tattoo was a lengthy ordeal that offered just so-so results. However, laser technology enhancements have paved the way for safe, effective, and successful tattoo removal—through Enlighten.

How Enlighten Works

The latest in laser tattoo removal, Enlighten safely and effectively rids the affected skin of ink, as well as other pigmented lesions. While other laser treatments do exist, Enlighten eclipses them in both power and effectiveness.

Enlighten incorporates next-generation technology, replacing standard nanosecond laser pulses with picosecond pulses. For context, a picosecond is one-trillionth of a second; Enlighten pulses 1,000 times faster than standard tattoo removal lasers. Picosecond pulses not only boast more effective and comprehensive tattoo removal: they also allow for fewer treatment sessions overall.

What Can I Expect?

You might be wondering with Enlighten: will my tattoo still be on my skin after treatment? Most likely, yes. Some inks and ink colors are a little trickier than others to get off, but for the lion’s share of cases, Enlighten has been shown to remove tattoos.

As for pain, the procedure shouldn’t be too intense in this area. Most people say it feels like a rubber band being snapped onto the skin. Anesthetics can be used to help downplay discomfort. You might be concerned about possible side effects; these will be minimal, so you needn’t worry. After the treatment, you may notice some swelling and redness, but this won’t last for very long. Plus, time for recovery is non-existent. You can resume your plans for the day right after the procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

To say it simply, it can vary. The size of the tattoo, along with depth, ink color, and makeup, all play a part in determining the exact treatment count. For most, you’ll probably be in for multiple laser treatment sessions to fully remove the tattoo.

You might be asking this right about now: why are multiple treatments necessary? Well, because of the nature of most tattoos. Most tattoos are embedded deep within the skin, which means more sessions are essential to fully clear the skin of tattoo ink.

Where to Remove Tattoos

A tattoo can be a sore spot you’d rather not have to constantly see. What was once a fond reminder, now carries a sting of regret. Finally, you can see it gone—and for good. Luckily for you, options do exist, and they’re better than ever before. Contact Cahaba Dermatology in Birmingham, AL to schedule a consultation.