Cahaba Dermatology is ready to respond to the immediate need for an online teledermatology solution to address patient care needs during the Covid-19 outbreak crisis. Please follow the instructions below to get started.

Click the link to start the enrollment process. Once you have created your Spruce account and joined Cahaba Dermatology, communicating with our office is very simple and similar to popular smartphone apps such as Messenger, Skype and Facetime.

You will be able to communicate with our office before and after your visit. Call or text (205) 346-0021 for help or to start.

Spruce is HIPAA compliant and secure. Information you share on the Spruce app and during your visit will be private.




If you don't have insurance we will charge a flat fee of $65 for follow up patients and $95 for new patients. If you need additional visits, each visit will be charged at $65 per visit. 

If you need to come into the office for additional visits or procedures such as a biopsy, you will pay our current private pay fees for these services. 

Scheduling an online visit is covered by most insurance carriers and medicare. Some insurers do not accept telehealth, however, each day more are adding exceptions to rules. Some insurers do not cover new patient visits. In this case the first visit would be billed as self-pay with follow up visits billed to insurance. We will collect your copay when booking the appointment and bill the visit for you.

Our Teledermatology solution will allow you to communicate with one of our providers in real-time via a video conference environment. You will see the provider and they will see you. Many dermatology issues can be addressed well in this format. There are limitations of course and any diagnostic tests such as labs or biopsies will not be available. This may limit our providers' ability to reach a diagnosis.

Teledermatology Limitations

Biopsy and Procedures

Patients will be booked for a biopsy or other diagnostic service in the office. Patients may not be charged with another visit fee or copay for these services, but additional fees may apply to outside diagnostic services. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of these in-office appointments. We will do our best to manage each patient's unique situation.

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