Massage therapy can provide many physical and mental benefits, including increased relaxation and reduced stress and muscle tension. Studies have shown that massage can be a great complement to regular medical care and provide effective relief for physical pain.

Cahaba Dermatology offers a range of massages, including:

  • Deep Tissue – firmer pressure, slower strokes to reach deeper muscle pains
  • Swedish – most common massage, good for full-body relaxation and injuries
  • Shiatsu – pressure applied to key body points to promote energy and healing
  • Pre-Natal – massage for expecting mothers; reduces stress and muscle tension
  • Hot Stone – heated stones promote relaxation for body and mind
  • Speciality – Lymphatic drainage, reflexology, TMJ massage, and more!

All massage experiences begin at 30 minutes and last up to 90 minutes, and can be centered around your schedule. We also offer aromatherapy, body scrubs and wraps with our massages depending on our guests’ preferences — ask your masseuse for more information!

Cahaba Dermatology offers a private suite and changing room for all our guests. Relax and prepare for your massage in your own private space.

What are the benefits of a massage? Who is it good for?

A massage, no matter what style you choose, should promote full-body relaxation and decreased stress. However, some massages are good for muscular pain and healing! Cahaba Dermatology can provide advice on your unique needs and offer a massage tailored to you.

Although massages are a great option for just about everyone, it’s important to check with your doctor before beginning any new health regimen. Those with blood clots, open wounds, or bone fractures should refrain from massage as it may cause further complication.

Is a massage painful?

A good massage might be uncomfortable as the masseuse works out tension, but it should never be painful. If you’re experiencing intense pain, please notify your masseuse immediately.

Most guests will say that a massage is very relaxing — some guests have been so relaxed, they fell asleep!

Meet our Provider

Meet Christi Stoltzner, license massage therapist for Cahaba Dermatology. Christi has many years of massage therapy experience and is trained in providing effective massage care. Her specialties include swedish, deep tissue, prenatal massage and much more!