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Beauty is not solely linked to the eyes of the beholder. On the contrary, our faces are naturally beautiful. Unfortunately, faces don’t always fare the pressure applied by outside forces particularly well. The constant roll of time, aging, even the weather—all of these and more can affect our look and cause us to lose our supple, youthful skin.

Hardset wrinkles etch onto our faces as we age, and the constant pummel of weather’s harsh elements wears on our skin, leaving a noticeable toll. At times, our face is besieged by blemishes—and our pores may seem unsightly, filled with blackheads and problematic pimples. In all this, we search for relief. We look for age-defying treatments that claim to turn back time, reversing wrinkles, and resolving our skin issues for good.

Many treatments play fast and loose with the term “age-defying.” An assortment of creams, serums, and other products bill themselves as authorities in this area. But many of these stop short in permanency, or deliver results that are lackluster at best. When these treatments fail at fully remedying the signs of aging, it’s time to resort to a different route: photofacials involving intense pulsed light treatment.

How A Photofacial Works

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments are non-invasive skin treatments aimed at removing the adverse effects of aging and outside forces on your skin. A key in photofacials’ effectiveness lies in its extensive versatility: intense pulsed light can be applied to a multitude of prominent areas on the face and body. This can include the face, hands, neck, and chest. If you’d rather an imperfection somewhere in these areas not be so prominent, intense pulsed light takes care of it. It works wonders in setting our skin up right and where we want it.

Photofacials specialize in treating a wide range of skin conditions. The treatments can improve skin’s overall tone, rejuvenate skin that has suffered from sun damage, lighten the look of freckles, and reverse coloration due to age, such as age spots, brown spots, or sunspots. Intense pulsed light can also clear up facial redness associated with Rosacea, as well as flushing.

What Does Treatment Look Like Exactly?

Once under an intense pulsed light treatment, the specific skin area will receive a series of light pulses. Adjustments for skin tone and type will already be assessed and addressed before the light hits your skin.

Once on the skin, the light will switch to heat energy and activate with the skin, resolving the issues underlying. Typically, treatment can be done in the span of a lunch hour: it usually lasts somewhere between fifteen to thirty minutes total.

Recovery and Further Treatments

As the procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical, intense pulsed light doesn’t carry a long recovery time. In fact, you can go about your day without much worry once it’s over. Discomfort rarely accompanies the procedure, but some redness may persist for a few hours after the treatment is complete. Redness could stick around for the day, but can be easily concealed with a touch of makeup.

As the therapy continues, you may notice affected skin to be darker in color and peel for one to weeks following. Any tattoos in the area may lighten for a time after the procedure.

Follow-up procedures will likely be recommended to ensure the best results, but full treatment will be handled on a case-by-base basis. Factors, including skin conditions and the degree to which they are present, will factor into the final treatment count. On average, two to five treatments spaced three weeks from one another remains the standard.

Is There Anything Else I’m Forgetting?

Don’t forget the sunblock! Intense pulsed light treatment makes skin super sensitive to sunlight and sun exposure. To avoid the risk of sun damage, you should keep an acceptable SPF sunblock or sunscreen applied to the skin. It’s also recommended that you opt not to put yourself in direct sunlight for a little while after treatment.

Come Visit Cahaba Dermatology

Our skin goes through a lot during our lifetime. It battles the elements, weathers a cycle of temperatures, endures aging, and sees its share of times, both good and bad. But behind it all is the youthful and beautiful glow we once intimately knew. Thankfully, treatments are available that connect us with that side of our skin again.

Your face’s natural beauty should always be shown. To put your face’s full beauty in the spotlight, it might be time to put it under the light—intense pulsed light, to be more specific. This treatment uplifts the skin, revealing the beauty it once shined. It removes our signs of aging, minimizes imperfections brought about by exterior forces, and leaves our skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and akin to new.

At Cahaba Dermatology, we specialize in photofacial therapy, along with a host of other non-invasive remedies that help treat skin. And treating your skin truly is part of the Cahaba Dermatology experience. Our flagship doctor, Dr. Vlada Groysman, M.D., boasts near decades-long experience in dermatology—and comes equipped to meet your skin needs. Say sayonara to sunspots, age spots, and years of weather and sun damage by visiting our clinic in Birmingham, AL or Tuscaloosa. Contact us online, through our patient portal, or by calling 205-214-7546 to book an appointment.