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Do you seem like you’re always sweating, to the point that it feels kind of excessive? If you’re constantly changing into a new set of clothes, or reapplying antiperspirant multiple times throughout the day, you may have something called hyperhidrosis. In layman’s terms, hyperhidrosis equates to excessive sweating.

Treatment Options

Scores of treatments exist for excessive sweating, from heavy-duty antiperspirants to injections and even something as drastic as surgery. All of these treatments carry benefits in their own right, and have been proven effective. But they all pale in comparison to the real solution aimed at ending hyperhidrosis: miraDry.

How miraDry Works

An FDA-cleared procedure, miraDry has been proven very effective—being both a non-surgical and non-invasive excessive sweating treatment.

The miraDry treatment starts with the administration of a local anesthetic to a patient’s underarms. Next, an electrical handpiece is presented in the underarm area. This handpiece pulsates controlled energy to underarm sweat glands, removing these glands gradually. All in all, the procedure will take around an hour to perform. Procedures will be split into two sessions, around three months apart, to ensure the best results.

After miraDry, you won’t have to dread excessive sweat any longer. Sweat glands can’t grow back once expunged, which makes miraDry a lasting solution. And you don’t need to worry about the absence of your underarm sweat glands. Your body doesn’t really need them; it has more than four million sweat glands in total, with only a fraction (2%) in the underarms. Your body will still keep its ability to discharge toxins and stay cool, even without underarm sweat and odor glands.

The miraDry Miracle

Being non-invasive and non-surgical, miraDry keeps recovery time to a minimum. Recovery is usually very brief, with the prescription of an over-the-counter medication and a couple days of icing the treatment area at most. Most people can resume everyday activities right away, and exercise about 10 to 14 days after the procedure. As for side effects, you can count these as also slim to none.

The miraDry procedure boasts significant improvement in sweat, with studies suggesting an average reduction in sweat by approximately 82%. And the advantages don’t stop there. In fact, multiple benefits surround miraDry, including: immediate sweat reduction, in-office convenience, a speedy process, toxin-free treatment, and results that endure.

How miraDry Is Different

The miraDry procedure differs from others by a few means. Superficial treatments, such as antiperspirants, offer results that are fleeting. Even heavy-duty antiperspirants lack the persistence, and permanence, that miraDry affords. Injectables have similar problems in permanency, with successive injections all but guaranteed. Other permanent solutions, like plastic surgery, involve invasive cuts and carry a laundry list of risks. Thankfully, options beyond these are available: miraDry exists as a successful excessive sweat treatment.

While other treatments target sweat and odor glands superficially or strictly, the miraDry treatment resolves underarm sweat systematically—by removing the source of the sweat without surgery, which is a plus in itself. It’s almost always a benefit if an option opens up that bypasses the need for being under a surgeon’s knife. That’s what helps make miraDry the special and preferred treatment that it is.

Make It miraDry

There’s no doubt that sweat does good for our bodies. But excessive sweat is a problem—and can lead to an assortment of feelings and the anxiety that accompanies embarrassing situations. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with hyperhidrosis. And you don’t even have to step into the surgeon’s office to solve this problem. You can conveniently seek treatment for excessive sweating with miraDry.

You might be wondering this: where can I receive a miraDry treatment from qualified professionals? The answer: Cahaba Dermatology. We specialize in an array of services for both face and body, including the innovative, ingenious miraDry treatment. Our skin care specialists can assess your specific situation and circumstances, tailoring a plan that accounts for what will suit you in particular. Plastic surgery isn’t the sole solution to your excessive sweating. You can count on Cahaba Dermatology in Birmingham, AL to care for you—and help take care of your hyperhidrosis.