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Claims of results, patient testimonials, treatment recovery time, and before/after images may not be representative for every situation or be applicable to every patient. Individual results may vary. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, treatment, or elective procedure.

Are you a good canidate?

CO2RE Intima is designed for women who want to relieve the signs of childbearing and aging in their vaginal area. This includes post child bearing and peri and menopausal women, women who desire enhancement in sexual functioning and a better sexual experience, women who seek vaginal cosmetic improvement and women who want to feel more confident about their feminine health.

What is intima?

CO2RE Intima is a new, in-office, non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy to treat the symptoms women may be experiencing. CO2RE Intima is a medical laser that delivers controlled CO2 energy to the vaginal or vulva tissue so cells make more collagen improving skin tone, texture and appearance.


How many treatments
does it take?

Patients receive three in-office treatments that are spaced ~3
weeks apart.

What conditions does
CO2RE Intima treat?

In the gynecology specialty, CO2RE performs laser incision, excision, ablation and/or vaporization of soft tissue, for treatment of condylomas, vulvar dystrophies, and benign lesions of external genitalia. It is used for treating the introitus and improving the appearance of the external genitalia, to reduce dyschromia and for remodeling of connective vaginal tissue.

Is the procedure safe?

he CO2RE device has FDA clearance for a range of gynecological and genitourinary indications. CO2RE Intima offers solutions for a range of intimate aesthetic procedures. Treatments are safe and effective with mild to no discomfort, and with little downtime.

Feel confident to
be intimate again.

73% of women reported
improvement in sexual
gratification after
co2re intima.

*Clinical Study HM Monteprincple Hospital, Madrid, Spain, 2015

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